Spreader Bar w/Squidnation 9" Maulers

The Mauler spreader bar is constructed of a durable Stainless Steel bridled 36 inch Bar. We use 150lb test mono, eleven 9 Inch Premium SQUIDNATION Mauler Squids. We rig a 275lb swivel at the end so you can attach your favorite hooked bait. This Spreader Bar is a tuna catching machine. It is available in all the colors offered in our 9" Mauler Squids. Contact us for custom color combinations!
Regular Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $119.99


Squidnation 9" Spreader

Sale Price: $119.99 / ea You Save: $30.00 (20%)!


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  • Squidnation 9" Spreader